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Kaidan 0.8 released: Typing notifications & message synchronization

   May 28, 2021 • jbb

We are happy to publish a new release of Kaidan that brings it closer to fulfilling the daily messaging needs.

As promised, this release includes some major new features: The chat history is now being synchronized across devices, to allow finding information in old messages. It is now indicated when the chat partner is typing, which makes conversations easier.

Typing notifications in action

We have also polished the general usability, so that now the size of the windows is preserved across restarts. Some of the strings in the user interface have received some rewording, to make them easier to understand.

The registration now integrates as good as possible with servers which have registration through chat apps disabled, by showing the link to register through the server’s website.

On the cross-platform side, we have decided to use the breeze theme also on macOS, as the macOS style does not support a few features we want to use in the user interface.


This release adds the following features:

  • Add typing notifications (XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications)
  • Add message history syncing (XEP-0313: Message Archive Management)
  • Window size is restored
  • The server’s website link is displayed if account creation is disabled
  • Use breeze theme on macOS
  • Improved user strings & descriptions


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